Multi-Billion Dollar Industries are Leveraging the Value of DreamHammer's Platform

One platform with the versatility to deliver across multiple industries, creating information that makes decisions and collaboration easy.


Solar, wind, O&G

Energy companies and their service providers rely on outdated, inaccurate or missing data/imagery which negatively impacts all field operations and causes significant losses in both project time and money.

DreamHammer's Energy team is delivering valuable solutions that improve the management of all surface activities. Our platform's solutions are enabling Midstream, E&P, Land Owners, Survey and Service Providers to achieve projects with significantly reduced time and costs.


Autonomy and Precision

DreamHammer is making precision ag technology so smart and so easy that customers can focus on what really matters to them, productivity and yield.

Growers are looking to lower labor costs and increase the effectiveness of the growing lifecycle with the use of automation.

Adoption, reliability and cost of automation technology have been preventive factors in usage. DreamHammer's precision agriculture team is bridging the technology gap with innovative and proven automation and autonomy solutions to help growers realize the promise of reduced costs and ease of use.


Automated Job Site Planning and Monitoring

DreamHammer delivers autonomy and automation construction technology for progress monitoring, planning, site surveys and as-built assessments. All rolled into one simple to use solution.

On-site management of personnel, equipment and material efficiencies are difficult to manage without up to date site monitoring and knowledge.

Developers are looking for job site management and up to date work in progress for efficiency and safety.

Keeping projects on schedule and within cost requires the construction team to be on the same page and have the latest information. DreamHammer's construction team is enabling remote sensing with automation and autonomy to deliver easy to use and cost effective job site precision information.

electronic security

Proactive AI Based Solutions

Mobile and Fixed Proactive Surveillance and Alerting

Organizations are challenged with manual procedures, costly manpower and outdated technology, which continues to increase their overall risk and liability for protecting employees and property.

DreamHammer's Electronic Security team is focused on providing proactive security as a service solutions to better identify, track, respond and resolve potential threats reducing cost, risk and liability to our customers. Our platform enables proactive security solutions across Warehousing, Retail, Manufacturing, Schools and Hotels.

Defense & Government

Commercial ISR

DreamHammer has created a marketplace for products built for the defense and military intelligence apparatus making these products relevant in various commercial markets.

DreamHammer makes transitioning technologies and products from the defense market to the commercial market easy. Additionally, DreamHammer’s core competencies are attractive to defense customers looking for rapid adoption of commercial technology to speed time to completion.

DreamHammer’s Commercial ISR as a Service creates a two way street where defense benefits from the commercial marketspace and commercial markets can benefit from years of investment, research and development in defense products.

DreamHammer’s Commercial ISR as a Service spans unmanned autonomy, manned-unmanned teaming, joint all-domain C2, ISR and battlespace awareness.